Artist Emergencies! Project
Hello all! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I animate and color things. Luckily I just got a really neat animation gig, and they’ve agreed to let me share my progress as I go along! I’ll be doing some livestreams later (I hope. If I get stage fright/amnesia then prooobably not.) 

Background info: The project is essentially a 30-60 sec short animation encouraging new artists to protect their studio and livelihood from natural and everyday disasters. The project is for CERF+ which is an awesome group that provides emergency relief to artists, as well as preparedness info.

So here’s the first stages! We decided to go with the Small Adventures (which I personally think will be more fun to animate, so yeessss.) 

I hope this is interesting/helpful to someone. Have ideas/critique/hands that need hi-fives/etc? Feel free to comment or message, and stay tuned! Animatic later this week, then on to backgrounds!

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